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World First Forex Trading Course Software

The only dedicated forex trading course software in the world that was specifically designed to track the market makers.

PAT (Professional - Activity Tracker) Tracks and reports on market maker trading activity.

At the heart of PAT is the revolutionary tracking of market 'belief that reveals how traders are manipulated into making poor trading decisions and how they are stopped out of what would have been highly profitable trades.

Free Forex Trading Course
PAT Forex Software

Financial markets are a Business 

Forex Trading Chart

Forex Trading Course

You can become a successful forex trader, probably faster than you can imagine. The first step is a shift of perspective. Read on to find out what that means for you.

You are told that you must have a trading strategy based on a repeating pattern. And yet this is the fastest route to consistent losses. To turn this around, read on...

Primary Cause of Failure

Traders fail for a variety of reasons but the truth of the matter is that traders fail because they are unable to consistently predict the future direction of the market.

A professional forex trading course can mean that you can get a return on your training at the earliest opportunity

Forex Trading Software

The BUSINESS of Trading

Trading is a BUSINESS and contrary to what you might be told it's not set up for you to reach in and take money from it.

The key to your successful forex trading course is to ENGAGE with the market makers business model in the way that it operates. This is exactly what PAT forex software does for you.


The Secret Doorway To Your Trading Success

Whilst all other forex trading software is looking price PAT software looks what is going on behind that price.

Take time out for a moment to consider the fact that ALL price change in ALL financial markets happens when a trader believes the market is going to rise or fall and then trades to match that belief. 

What does this mean for you the trader?"

It means is that ALL price change is dependent on a BELIEF being created about where a trader (or mass of traders) believes a price will move to in the near future.

PAT forex software

The ONLY Purpose Built Forex Trading Software

Pat forex software

Easy To Use

The software has a built-in simulator that works very much like a pilot is trained in a flight simulator. You are exposed to 100's of hours of real forex trading experience in a few hours. This provides you with the confidence that you know what to do and when to do it.

forex trading software

Highly Effective

Effectiveness is the only way you are going to succeed. Trading forex or any financial market is not about sitting on the sideline continually testing out ideas (a popular pastime with many) you must have an effective trading plan and work that plan each time you step up to trade.

easy forex software

Consistent Results

Tweaking of 'trading systems' and 'strategies' is a clear sign that you are trading price patterns. This is like trying to cup water in your hands  with open fingers. PAT software has not changed in 20Years! There is a name for that... It's 'called consistency'