The most powerful trading indicator you have ever seen?

At the end of the day most traders are taking a punt! Making a 'guess' The PAT indicator will make sure you never have to trade like that again.

  • How to turn guessing into knowing

In This Video You’ll Discover...

PAT Indicator for Tradingview is now available

The PAT indicator for trading view will show you the real market. It will allow you to view inside workings that will change every future trade you take.

  • You already know or at least suspect 'something' is not right with what your doing

You have probably heard many so called trading truths. Deep down you can sense that most of them are nothing more than ear candy.

The PAT indicator for tradingview will allow you to see clearly see what you have to do and when.

  • Why trading 'truths' suck you into bad trading positions
  • The PAT indicator for Trading View. Take a look at it in action

There is only one thing that matters to you as a trader and I don't need to say here what you already know. Today is a life changing opportunity.

Watch it in action!

The indicator is strictly limited in quantity to avoid over use

See it in action!

  • Creating wealth through trading

Real and lasting wealth from trading requires a method that continues to stand the test of time

  • A Proven Trading Method

The principles and techniques have developed over 35 years of successful trading are straightforward and can be taught in just a few days. This is now available as the PAT indicator in tradingview.

  • Professional Trader Training

The best trader training in the world will not make you wealthy unless you combine it with proven trading method.

My original Market Makers Method trading course is now packaged with the PAT trading view indicator. You will have all the knowledge required.

  • Support and Guidance

Without support you will flounder. When you join me you will have me personally by your side. On call via email, video and live streaming training sessions.

The indicator is strictly limited in quantity to avoid over use

See it in action!