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Professional Trader Training in the Market Maker Method

Top-level trader training in the market maker method from the 'original source' Martin Cole – Professional trader since the 1990s'
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Exciting & rewarding...

"Martin reveals how he was able to figure out what the Market Makers were doing and how to make money right along with them. This forex training program is very exciting, and it reveals how anyone that applies the information provided has a good possibility of profiting from the markets on a regular basis."

- Charles Reynolds

Martin Cole Professional Trader

5.0 star rating from students

A working relationship 

Many courses take your money and leave you to figure it all out. I always work based on developing an ongoing working relationship with you.

100% Focussed on Results

Could Have - Would Have - Should Have

They are the words of traders who do not clearly understand how markets really work.

We will be working towards fast results so that you quickly develop confidence in your trading ability.

Professional Trading - What is it?

Professional trading the market maker method is about becoming a full-time trader. It's about turning your trading into a significant income stream or your primary source of income to build a secure financial future.

You could work the market maker method out on your own. I did, but it took me years and cost a lot of money in trading losses.

Getting proper trader training and then having a professional trader that you can call on for guidance will make a world of difference and get you to where you want to be faster and much cheaper than mounting trading losses.

Professional Trader Training
Martin Cole  - Professional Trader

Who is Martin Cole?

This is such an important question for you to ask. Here is a quick Bio. You can investigate further if you need to from the link below (opens in a new tab) About Martin Cole

  • Twenty plus years as a professional forex trader

  • Featured in FOW magazine. (Futures & Options World)

  • Featured in national UK Sunday Newspaper

  • Trained traders LIVE mark with REAL money on the line

  • Developed world first forex trading software 

  • Guarantee to give 100% to achieve your trading goals 

  • Valuable Trust Built Over Years

    For me, after decades of trading the market maker method and now in my retirement, there is nothing more rewarding than spending time working with struggling and new traders.

    Confession – I never really enjoyed trading. For me, it was always a means to an end. That end is the freedom to live anywhere in the world, financially free and independent. Now I LOVE sharing my knowledge. Getting feedback like this is humbling and has more value than money.

    Worked well for me...

    Martin is very knowledgeable and engaging. Course material worked very well for me. The analogies used are spot on to illustrate a point. Overall, the course was well delivered, and it was a wonderful learning experience. I highly recommend it to all beginners and novice traders who are on a losing streak. Thank you, Martin, for the very informative forex course, it has made an incredible difference in my life. Looking forward to our next call.

    Nabeel Alwan

    Incredible Insight...I have been practising the teachings and methods around price action for some time. Adding Martin's forex trading course to the list pulled all the study work together and provides THE insight to how the forex markets work and how you can follow the professional money. I have at long last started to see consistent success, putting in consistent work, of course.

    Mike Campion

    Dissolves confusion...I have been caught in the loosing cycle for about ten years. I knew there must be some method behind the madness of the markets movements, but every time I thought I had it understood, it changed. After reading Martin's book then doing his forex course, my state of total confusion about the market changed. I was able to go to bed with my small trade in play and get up in the morning to close it with sixty-five pips profit.
    Peter Smith


    Full Year Professional Trader Training Programme

    • Year long access to the market maker method course & Training

    • Year long feedback & guidance 

    • Instant access to introduce yourself and let me know your trading goals

    • Full access to marker maker method downloads and course material

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    Commonly Asked Questions 

    • Why is the training limited to a year?

    • There is only myself, working with you. At some point in the future, I will want to fully retire and cannot have opened ended commitments. That said, there is no way that you should need a year. Should you wish to stay with me after your initial year, there will be a minimum monthly charge of $12-$15.00 reviewed at the time.

    • How long before I am profitable?

    • This will depend on your work ethic and how long it takes you to adapt to trading the market maker business model. If you are entrenched in trading chart patterns, we will first have to dissolve that approach. This process can take up to 1–3 weeks, depending on how long you have been pattern trading. Once we get that out of the way, we can get fully into the training.

    • Is PAT software included in the price of the course?

    • No, PAT software is not included in the price of the course. However, if you order PAT software for three months, then the training course is included in that three months rental.

    • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    • You have a full seven days to evaluate the course contents. During this time, if you want a refund, you will receive one by return email. Unless you are 100% committed to this training at this time, I suggest that you do not enrol.

    • Can you guarantee my success?

    • There are only two real guarantees in life – Death and Taxes. I cannot guarantee anyone's success as a trader. What I can guarantee you is that I have never quit on anyone and never will. I will do my utmost to make this training surpass your expectations in every way.

    • Do you have a payment plan?

    • No, sorry, but this needs to be said.

      If you need finance for ANY aspect of trading, you are highly likely to be placing yourself in a very vulnerable position. 

      I would not be happy working with anyone in this position, and I would reject any order placed if I was aware of this situation.

    • Do you trade live with me?

    • No, I will never give you direct trading advice. The idea is that you become an independent, profitable trader. I am more than happy to analyse your charts and trades and offer guidance on what to do and when to do it. I am not in any way offering you direct trading advice, as doing so is illegal in many countries. Please read the earnings disclaimer.

    • Can I speak to you on the phone?

    • There are two constraints to this. (1) Location. I now live in New Zealand, and the time zone here makes real-time communication quite difficult. (2) Time. Given the simple constraints of time, I would simply not have the time to individually take phone calls. However, I am always contactable via email, loom videos, and by support ticket. I, personally, read all communications and will always respond in a timely manner. We will also run some zoom sessions that you can participate in. I also occasionally run some live-streaming sessions on YouTube and some invite-only training webinars.

    • Do I need PAT software to trade this method?

    • You might have noticed that this is the only header in RED! The reason for this is to drive home the truth about PAT software and the market maker method.

      PAT software is NOT THE METHOD. The market makers’ business model exists INDEPENDENT of ANY SOFTWARE. Independent of YOU or Me. I developed PAT for myself to assist in tracking the three phases of the market maker business model. Over the years, some students of elected to use PAT, while others have continued with traditional candle software.

    • How do you give me feedback & advice?

    • I use a powerful training tool called LOOM. (Link in the footer.) LOOM is 100% free to use. This software allows you to record your computer screen with narration and then, with one click, send me the link to play your recording. I will then directly respond to your video with annotation or by returning video. A powerful aspect of this tool is that you start building your very own training resource.

    • How much do I need to trade the market maker method?

    • I often hear the remark "If I had more money I would be a better trader" This is quite frankly 'poppycock'

      If you can't make money starting with a little money, you will never make money trading with a lot of money. You need to deposit no more than $200 – $500 and start trading MICRO lots. This allows you to risk a minimal amount of money while you are learning. When you have doubled that starting amount using small stakes, you will be ready to increase your trading level.

    • Do you only show PAT charts?

    • I show PAT charts and can show candle charts if that is what you want to use. If you are using candle charts and want to send in loom videos and screenshots, then I will, of course, respond to those charts for you.

      Be assured you will NEVER hear me saying you MUST use PAT, and neither will I be promoting that you order it. This will ALWAYS be YOUR CALL as to what software you want to use.

      The market maker method is independent of any software.

    Check out my free course content. I suspect you will be rather surprised

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