You have discovered something remarkable

P.A.T. – Professional Activity Tracker

Currency Trading Software that gives you unprecedented market insight


Advanced Charting Display

Reading currency markets has never been this easy



Understanding what is happening now and what is going to happen in the future gives you total confidence in your trading.


No more getting sucked in

Traders who don’t really understand what is going on will often find themselves drawn into poor positions. This negative ends when your trading with PAT software.


Look Right Inside the Market

Look right inside the market and understand what is happing and how to profit from it.



When you understand what is really happening on a moment by moment basis then enjoyment in what your doing takes over. Trading becomes a very pleasurable career.


Unrivalled Training and Support

PAT software can only ever be as successful as you are. You will receive exceptional training and support to ensure this success.

It’s a FACT!

Learning anything from an expert will result in skills being passed to you in the shortest possible time. My promise to you is exceptional training to get you up to speed FAST!

Twenty plus years in this business has given me exceptional skills and the ability to transfer them to you.

Real Time Training Webinars

You get to fully participate in your training. I set up live webinars where you meet with other students and get to learn as they learn. All your questions answered in real time and recorded for later viewing if you can’t make it for any reason.

Training Forum

You get a dedicated private forum when you can post your own charts and view others. It’s a real community learning experience. A real ‘family’ of PAT users all talking the same easily understood trading language.

Software Support

Got a PAT technical problem? No problem. As a trader, you need support when you need, not three business days later! We have a dedicated support ticket system which mean help is only a few clicks away. Providing we are awake in our timezone you will get a FAST reply and solution.

Three easy Steps How to Make Trading Work for You

PAT software martin cole

Step 1: Training

Make sure you are trained by an expert in the same field that you want to excel in. You need to be professionally trained and have a plan for SUCCESS.

How to trade currencies

Step 2: Tools of your Trade

Select the right tool for the job at hand. Using tools that are not right for the job or difficult to use will often result in early needless failure

Martin Cole Pat software

Step 3: Support + Guidance

You must have support, guidance and ongoing training. Communication with others who are on the same path as you. Success breeds success and you need to be part of that success.

Are You in Traders Prison?

Most traders spend much of their trading day in trader’s prison like the hampsters never-ending wheel. But unlike the hampster who can escape, many traders can’t. They remain in a constant cycle of strategy development. Trading like this is enduring an endless routine that will only end in slowly going broke. You can STOP this the moment you decide to break free from what the masses are doing and join the 5% of traders who make 90% of the gains.

Join me today, and your trading future changes tomorrow.

How do you break free from traders prison?


Clear market vision ensures your success because you will be able to see into the future with a high degree of accuracy.

Developing this skill of vision and accuracy is what your training is all about, couple this with the remarkable PAT software and you have a recipe for true and lasting trading success.

PAT software allows you to step ‘inside’ the market and see what is really causing the price action. It allows you insight into the market that few traders ever get to experience.

PAT software is easy to read.

We built it from the ground up ignoring all the 1,000’s of indicators that are built into the standard software.

After all…

Why does traditional software need thousands of built in indicators if any of them actually work?

Time is not on your side

You know that time is never on your side as a trader. If you don’t get it right and get it right fast, then time and money will quickly run out. This is why I put so much emphasis on software training. Sure you can take time to learn all about all the menus etc. BUT… what REALLY matters is that you can hit the ground running.

PAT software is very simple to use because it is designed that way. With market maker method training and PAT software, quite simply put… You have a winning combination.

I’m ready to make a start when you are.


Why do you charge monthly for PAT software?

PAT software is a professional level trading tool. One aspect of this is that it does not rely on ‘free’ market data. We have to pay a monthly fee for this data which is included in your subscription.

Can I place trades directly from the interface of PAT Software?

No. PAT software will never be hooked into brokers dealing platform. Yes I know is free for us to do it but we will never give access for anyone to ‘watch’ what our customers are doing.

What is the best time for trading?

This is a common question and often answered by saying when particular markets ‘wake up’ in their time zones. This is incorrect. The best time for trading is when the market makers are making their profit release. This is fully covered in the training

How much money do I need?

You will often hear that the more money you have, the better trader you will be. This is one of those statements that ‘sound’ plausible but can be very damaging. With my training, you will start small with only very small amounts of money. I will NEVER be interested in the amount of money you make. I will ALWAYS be interested in the consistency in which you increase your money.

If you cant make money using a LITTLE money, then you CANNOT make money using a LOT.

Learn how to trade professionally, and the money will take care of itself.

Can I use PAT on more than one computer?

Yes, you can. However, only one computer can be live at anyone time as the data feed subscription will only feed one computer at a time. If two are connected then the feed will automatically kick out the preceding connection



When is the best time to get started?

How about right now….Today


Copyright © MJC Training Trust Ltd – Martin Cole

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