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Professional Trader Training Programme

  • Full year mentorship
  • Hand on support and mentoring
  • Access to an exclusive forum
  • Use of PAT Trading software (for 12 months – thereafter a subscription)
  • Full PAT software training
  • Personal assistance to help you reach your trading goals
  • Private webinar training sessions
  • Small group – personal attention
  • One on one – personal training (four sessions – one each quarter)

Your Professional Trader Training Programme Pricing

DEPOSIT $500.00 USD When you have placed your deposit (for the 12 months training course) we will set up a time to have a chat so that we get to know each other. I feel this is important as likely we will be working together for a long time. During this chat you can ask all you wish and satisfy yourself 100% that you wish to work with me on my professional trader training course. Price USD $5,400 This price includes all training and software as shown on this page. (Fee will be billed in your own currency) Fluctuations may occur due to currency variations.

Two half yearly payments for 12 Months Professional Trader Training Inc PAT Software

  • When you have placed your deposit we will set up a time to have a chat. Your deposit is 100% immediately refundable should you decide not to continue after this call..
$500.00 Deposit

One time payment for 12 Months Professional Trader Training Inc PAT Software (Best Value)

  • When you have placed your deposit we will set up a time to have a chat. Your deposit is 100% immediately refundable should you decide not to continue after this call.
$500.00 Deposit

What my current Course Members  Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

I can not recommend PAT Software and Martins training highly enough, his is a true genius but very humble with it and hell of a nice guy who is always there for his student. He has a passion for trading which ozees through the screen as he clearly does not need to do it for a living, I am forever grateful our paths crossed it has changed my life and about to change my families too..

Gillian Bezett

Martin himself and the PAT software are an outstanding combo. The software helps in identifying areas of potential interest for the Market Makers .

With the SIM trainer and Martins ‘s back up and support structure its just a recipe for happiness and Alchemy if  you put the work in to understand it.!
Paul (UK)

I am really enjoying learning to trade with Martin. The weekly shows are excellent and the support is prompt and helpful. Martin’s enthusiasm and positivity are really encouraging and I find my confidence is steadily growing. I would recommend Martin’s training to anyone interested in learning an intuitive and reliable approach to trading.

Mark Piper

Martin Cole is who your’e looking for! He will show you what really drives the Forex market. A free lunch with an indicator and you sit back as the money rolls in? No! You do have to put effort in. However, he will support you every step of the way as he shows you how to develop your own sense of knowing where a market is going to move to. You will be amazed at how quickly you develop this skill.  With Martin your on your great adventure to freedom!!!
Tony Garrett

I’m happy with my modest progress so far. I’m further down the path than I believed I’d get to. Another of Martin’s secrets is managing our emotions, this would ‘cut me off at the legs’ every time I took a trade – I would became ‘chicken brains’, despite considerable effort into analysis leading up to the trade,). I cannot recommend Martin Cole highly enough!


This class is different than others……It guides you on a path of achieve your own personal freedoms.
Paul Mohler

Martin Cole is the unsung hero, bragging is not his easy going style – the champion of the FX retail trader. Martin’s FX Trading methodology is based on a key FX market fundamentals: if 95% of retail traders fail what are they doing wrong? The answer is they are trading patterns, and a myriad of emerging trading strategies.

Julian Rowe

I would highly recommend PAT to anyone looking to make trading part of their future income.  Whether you are new to trading or have been trading for years, the PAT software and training will teach you to trade with market beliefs, not patterns.  This is truly unique as most programs teach patterns which the market makers want you to follow.  The PAT software and training have truly opened my eyes as to how the markets work which will ultimately make your trading profitable.

Robert Anderson

The powerful thing about successfully using PAT software is the development, over time, of what I like to call a Conspiracy of Knowing. What do I mean by that?  Actually, it is not as esoteric as it may seem. It is a program designed to enable one to consistently peel back the curtains on what is actually driving beliefs and the resulting market movements that come from those beliefs. Very powerful, indeed.

Mark Varland

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a trial of PAT software?

A trial of PAT software is probably worse than pointless because if you have read the page that explains PAT software you will have come across where I state that PAT does not provide you with buy or sell signals (this is pipe dream for the gullible) What this boils down to is that you need training to use the software and without this training PAT software will not make any sense to you.

What is your refund policy?

I offer a no-questions-asked instant refund of your $500.00 deposit If you do not wish to continue with the training after our initial chat. Once you have committed to the training and paid the balance of your course fee there is a zero refund policy. The reason for this is because at the start of your course I will have already committed and pre-paid for your live professional level data feed – my contractual obligations to my software developers for every user of the software and also ticketing support costs. I cannot recover these cost hence the refund policy.

Can I speak to other students?

Yes you can once we have had our initial chat and I am assured that you are serious about working with me. I do not give out contact details randomly to whom are often brokers posing as potential students just to get contact details to promote their brokerage services.

Can you guarantee I will make a million dollars in a year?

No, that cannot be guaranteed, however, If you make 20 pips a day and you follow the maths as explained then you would indeed be able make one million dollars in the specified time, However, there are two variables that will greatly effect this.

  1. You do need to make 20 pips a day
  2. You will almost certainly hit what I term (the glass ceiling)

Can you make 20 pips a day? Yes, with the right training and spending time putting that training into live trading you can make more than 100 pips a week.

The glass celling will be 100% relevant to your personal circumstances. You will notice from the spread sheet that as your account grows so does your stake placed on each trade. I have found that ‘without exception’ that you will come to a point where the amount you place on a trade will start to have an effect upon you. When this happens emotion will be injected into your trading and you will need to reduce your stake to a level that you are comfortable with until you can break through that glass ceiling. This is something that we can work through together when this happens as you will likely need some assistance.

Do you trade live and show us what to do?

Yes and No. (This is going to be a bit of a long answer sorry) Yes I have recorded live trading videos and I show these always with contract notes so that you can see where trades were taken and the outcome. These videos are available for you to watch but the only value they have is to show you that I know what I am doing and  what I am talking about. Outside of that they are destructive in nature because of what is BEHIND EVERY TRADE. in fact I would rather you did not watch them but curiosity will insist you do of course. 🙂 I will try to better explain. If you were trading a pattern on a chart, then I could explain that pattern and then say “ok this is what you do – away you go” This approach is what – would be traders have come to ‘expect’ as being the meaning of being ‘trained’. Now, if you have been around trading for any period of time you will know ‘without doubt’ that the chances of you ‘consistently’ making money from a chart pattern is about as remote as captain America actually – really saving the world. It ‘may’ happen of course but we gota find the real deal captain before any of that saving the world stuff actually kicks off. (Hey nothing wrong with a little levity eh! :-)) What I am offering you is NOT a chart pattern – but rather a PERSONAL SKILL. Personal being the optimum word here. You will quickly discover as your training progresses that you are developing something that is YOURS and YOURS ALONE.  When you have this skill nailed down (and you will nail it down) You will never be able to hand YOUR skill to another, however you will be able to train another person to develop THEIR own skill. What I do is not magical – secret – or mysterious. It is in fact rather simple (but it does take some getting there) I train you how to use your mind to trade in the same way that you know when it’s safe to cross a busy road. I train you to use a skill that is really just laying dormant. Working together we are going to take that dormant skill and develop it into a finely tuned  PERSONAL trading indicator that will work for you in exactly the same way as how you know when to cross that busy road in safety. In summary: This training will provide you with a SENSE OF KNOWING what you have to do in order to consistently profit from your trading.

Do you actively trade yourself now?

No / Yes – I am 56 years old and consider myself more than semi retired. (My wife asks me constantly why I still work 60 -70 hours a week if I am semi-retired) “hey when you are doing something you love it just aint work, right” 🙂 I have been in this business for the better part of 20 years. Trading for me was always a means to an end, NOT something that I found terribly exciting. I just wanted to earn enough money to do what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it. If I had come across any other business that would have given me what trading has given me then I would have done that instead. I achieved that status more than 10 years ago.  Now I do what I LOVE to do. Now that said…. Yes I do trade to demonstrate what I do. I will never ask or expect anyone to do something that I am not doing myself. So…. my trading is now as a means to demonstrate my method and I feature this in videos and then show trades on the live show. More importantly you will also hear of and see students trades as well thus promoting wider understanding to take you closer to the one year target. What do I love to do?

  1. Fishing
  2. Feeding my passion for human potential (hence why you are reading this and I am willing to train traders)
  3. Producing a 100% free personal development weekly Internet TV show. (currently about to launch)

PS My wife actively trades (and she is pretty good at it) she only decided to give it a try a short while ago and she is ‘really’ passionate about it. If you don’t decide to work with me at this time, maybe she will be training you in a few years!…. Hey you never know right!

Does PAT give me Buy and Sell signals

No.. This is a traders pipe dream that is promoted normally by the $97.00 ‘secret’ sellers and the ‘convinced’ programmers who believe that the market is driven on price and they can develop an algorithm to automatically extract money from the market. This type of thinking will send you around in circles for years as your wallet is steadily and systematically emptied. Here is a great video that explains this madness How to consistently lose money trading the markets

How do I know this is genuine?
  1. Do your homework on me. The internet is a savage place for people to vent whom consider themselves to have been ripped off. I would certainly not be immune to this after all the years I have been doing this. If you do find anything bad then do please let me know.
  2. If you are serious then call me. Let’s talk, and then you sleep  on it. Think about it for a few days. I don’t have any special deals that are closing in 24 hours. I don’t have any pages that are coming down in x hours (ever noticed how those pages are still up a week later.. lol ) There is NO RUSH. You and I are likely going to know each other for a long time to come. For that relationship to exist it has to be built on a solid foundation of mutual trust.
  3. If in doubt about anything contact me.
What is the structure of the course?
The structure of the course is directly related to YOU. This is about you and I working together not about week one – two – three etc.
Nothing is fixed outside of what is required to move you forward.
Some people can struggle with this approach as they expect a linear learning block like experience. This linear method is NOT suitable for learning how to trade.
Engineers – Accountants – Architects and this type of profession do tend to struggle with this approach for a while as their early career training has often been more along these lines. (good job it has as we need these great professions)
If trading is approached in a pattern / form like analysis then frustration, disappointment and needless failure are  almost certain to show themselves.
Keep it flexible and tailor everything to the individual student is the way to go

Ready to start working together - I look forward to it

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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