Market Makers Method with Martin Cole

Don’t just take it from me, let those I work with do the talking!

I can not recommend PAT Software and Martins training highly enough, his is a true genius but very humble with it and hell of a nice guy who is always there for his student. He has a passion for trading which ozees through the screen as he clearly does not need to do it for a living, I am forever grateful our paths crossed it has changed my life and about to change my families too..

Gillian Bezett

Martin himself and the PAT software are an outstanding combo. The software helps in identifying areas of potential interest for the Market Makers .

With the SIM trainer and Martins ‘s back up and support structure its just a recipe for happiness and Alchemy if  you put the work in to understand it.!
Paul (UK)

I am really enjoying learning to trade with Martin. The weekly shows are excellent and the support is prompt and helpful. Martin’s enthusiasm and positivity are really encouraging and I find my confidence is steadily growing. I would recommend Martin’s training to anyone interested in learning an intuitive and reliable approach to trading.

Mark Piper

Martin Cole is who your’e looking for! He will show you what really drives the Forex market. A free lunch with an indicator and you sit back as the money rolls in? No! You do have to put effort in. However, he will support you every step of the way as he shows you how to develop your own sense of knowing where a market is going to move to. You will be amazed at how quickly you develop this skill.  With Martin your on your great adventure to freedom!!!
Tony Garrett

I’m happy with my modest progress so far. I’m further down the path than I believed I’d get to. Another of Martin’s secrets is managing our emotions, this would ‘cut me off at the legs’ every time I took a trade – I would became ‘chicken brains’, despite considerable effort into analysis leading up to the trade,). I cannot recommend Martin Cole highly enough!


This class is different than others……It guides you on a path of achieve your own personal freedoms.
Paul Mohler

Martin Cole is the unsung hero, bragging is not his easy going style – the champion of the FX retail trader. Martin’s FX Trading methodology is based on a key FX market fundamentals: if 95% of retail traders fail what are they doing wrong? The answer is they are trading patterns, and a myriad of emerging trading strategies.

Julian Rowe

I would highly recommend PAT to anyone looking to make trading part of their future income.  Whether you are new to trading or have been trading for years, the PAT software and training will teach you to trade with market beliefs, not patterns.  This is truly unique as most programs teach patterns which the market makers want you to follow.  The PAT software and training have truly opened my eyes as to how the markets work which will ultimately make your trading profitable.

Robert Anderson

The powerful thing about successfully using PAT software is the development, over time, of what I like to call a Conspiracy of Knowing. What do I mean by that?  Actually, it is not as esoteric as it may seem. It is a program designed to enable one to consistently peel back the curtains on what is actually driving beliefs and the resulting market movements that come from those beliefs. Very powerful, indeed.

Mark Varland

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