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Professional Forex Trader Training

Here we go!

This is it. This is how you make money trading forex using the market makers method.

market maker method profit release phase

This is how professional traders trade.

This forex trading method has been tried, test and profited from for more than three decades.

That's an awful lot of history into a proven forex trading method that produces consistent results.

Where's the candle pattern? How can I see this on my charts?

These are common questions. So common in fact that more than 95% ask them. Why is that? 

Why do so many traders ask the same question over and over again?

Because your trading brain is on autopilot - Remember this panda and triangle image?

You see a panda and a white triangle, but it's just random shapes

market maker method profit release phase

Another one for you to get your head around

Your mind - human minds are pattern seeking machines. This is how we function. This is how we bring meaning to our world-view.

In trading this is DANGEROUS

The young lady and the old woman are the same pattern. They ARE there. 

The CONTENT of the overall image and of the individual images are there. They are unchanging.
They are consistent. 

market maker method profit release phase

But trading patterns?

market maker method profit release phase
Martin Cole Trader
  • Twenty plus years as a professional forex trader

  • Featured in industry magazines and a National UK Sunday Special Newspaper

  • Trained traders in LIVE forex markets with REAL money on the line

  • Developed world first forex trading software P.A.T.

  • Turning out happy and successful traders.

  • Your Trading Success

    Your forex trading success will happen when you use a trading method that professional traders use.

    Professional currency traders look at the same charts as you. BUT they look at the CONTENT of the chart.

    Professional currency traders know the markets are a BUSINESS. They know they are very much the outsiders.

    Professional currency Traders know how to attach their trading to the market maker's business cycle.

    Accumulation - Manipulation, and then enter the market in the Profit Release Phase.

    Easy-to-understand step by step professional forex trader training

    You will discover about the three critical market phases

    You will learn how to stop getting into bad trades

    You will learn where to open your trades

    You will learn where to close your trades

    You will learn when to move your stop loss orders

    You will learn how to use with small stops

    You will have a complete trading plan

    You will have confidence and peace of mind


    Start working with me today, and together we will transform your trading into something quite remarkable.

  • Instant access to proven top quality professional level forex  trader training course

  • Facebook Group Access: Traders talk facebook group 

  • Unlimited support: Easy to use ticket system that tracks all our communication.