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Professional Trader Training

Martin Cole

Martin Cole Trader
  • Twenty plus years as a professional trader

  • Featured in industry magazines and a National UK Sunday Special Newspaper

  • Trained traders in LIVE markets with REAL money on the line

  • Developed world first trading software P.A.T.

  • Turning out happy and successful traders.


    Easy-to-understand step by step professional trader training

    You will discover about the three critical market phases

    You will learn how to stop getting into bad trades

    You will learn where to open your trades

    You will learn where to close your trades

    You will learn when to move your stop loss orders

    You will learn how to use with small stops

    You will have a complete trading plan

    You will have confidence and peace of mind



  • Every pattern based trading strategy is constantly tweaked. The reason for this tweaking is because of the lie that financial markets produce consistent chart patterns that produce profits.

  • This is the same lie that keeps you searching for that 'elusive' pattern that will make you rich.

  • Patterns can't and will not provide success because the CONTENT of those patterns never repeats.

  • There is a simple PROVABLE FACT about trading patterns... 

  • The CONTENT of the chart. The CONTENT of EVERY market move, is based on an undeniable fact. 

  • This undeniable fact is that the content of any individual bar, that makes up the 'shape' of that chart  will forever be unique.  This is why repeating 'patterns' do not result in the same outcomes.

  • Take the quick traders mind  test below..

  • candle patterns that win

    How Your Trading Brain Tricks You

    In the image, you see a white triangle, even though the image is actually comprised of three circles with sections cut out.

    Your mind sees a panda, even though the figure is several random shapes.

    Your 'brain' says - "Seeing the triangle and panda is simpler than trying to look at individual shapes."

    To succeed at trading?  Stop trading 'patterns' that your brain says are the same... They're NOT!


    Start working with me today, and together we will transform your trading into something quite remarkable.

  • Instant access to proven top quality professional level trader training course

  • Facebook Group Access: Traders talk facebook group 

  • Unlimited support: Easy to use ticket system that tracks all our communication.



    "Incredible Insight..."

    "I have been practising the teachings and methods around price action for some time. Adding Martin's forex trading course to the list pulled all the study work together and provides THE insight to how the forex markets work and how you can follow the professional money. I have at long last started to see consistent success, putting in consistent work of course."

    Mike Campion

    "Worked well for me..."

    "Martin is very knowledgeable and engaging. Course material worked very well for me. The analogies used are spot on to illustrate a point. Overall, the course was well delivered, and it was a wonderful learning experience. I highly recommend it to all beginners and novice traders who are on a losing streak. Thank you, Martin, for the very informative forex course, it has made an incredible difference in my life. Looking forward to our next call"

    Nabeel Alwan

    "Dissolves confusion..."

    "I have been caught in the loosing cycle for about ten years. I knew there must be some method behind the madness of the markets movements, but every time I thought I had it understood, it changed. After reading Martin's book then doing his forex course, my state of total confusion about the market changed. I was able to go to bed with my small trade in play and get up in the morning to close it with sixty-five pips profit. ."

    Peter Smith

    "Exciting & rewarding..."

    "Martin reveals how he was able to figure out what the Market Makers were doing and how to make money right along with them. This forex training program is very exciting, and it reveals how anyone that applies the information provided have a good possibility of profiting from the markets on a regular basis.."

    Charles Reynolds

    "I am excited..."

    "Thank you, Martin, for this fantastic FX course! I am so excited to see now what's going on "behind the screen". I also read your book "How the market makers make millions of dollars.. ". During watching your videos I made already some trades on demo-account, and it really works!! It's fantastic. Greetings, Michaela."

    Michaela Gruber

    "Total breakthrough..."

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin Cole for the Market Makers Method Training Programme. This course is really the best I have ever had, it opens one's eyes from the facade to the real content of charts. Trust me, I have had consistent profits since I started applying this method on my trading."

    Curtis Nxumalo