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For PAT Subscribers


I have managed to significantly reduce costs and like I always promised, any savings achieved would be passed onto you. I am very happy to say that I have been able to reduce the cost of PAT by 60%!

You can now subscribe to PAT for just $97.00 pm

This still covers all ongoing Training / Support / Guidance / Future Improvements

Note* The first order is for 3 months $291 (less than one month for current PAT)

subscription the automatically reduces to  $97.00 pm

What about your current PAT Subscription?

I suggest that you cancel any future payments. (I can do this for you if you wish) You will still have access to PAT up to the end of your current subscription to give you transition time.


Go and take a look at what has been created. Its EXCITING!

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PS You should already have your login detail by now - Check SPAM if not.