PAT Currency Trading Software

New – Revolutionary – World First – Unique

PAT software is all of the above and for this reason it has caused some misunderstanding, mainly because it’s instantly compared to traditional candle charting software. It is this initial ‘jumped to’ conclusion that causes this misunderstanding.

Look below and see how this advanced trading software coupled with the right training is turning trading on its head.

Advanced Charting Display

PAT Software at bar level removes open and close levels on any and all time frames.

Key Difference

Individual bars display and identify collective market beliefs at given points in time.

Target User

Traders who have come to realise that trading patterns is fundamentally flawed.


To read the BELIEFS that move the market and to profit from them.

Advanced Trading Method

PAT Software was designed for my trading. I wanted a tool, simple to use, that would assist me to extract money from financial markets consistently.

I realized early on in my trading career that ‘something’ was wrong. Why was it that almost the exact time I entered the market in a given direction the market would turn and go the other way?

Why was it that when my trades were in the money, the market would retrace to my stop level – take me out and then continue in the direction I had identified?

Why was it that all I could do was at best churn over my trading account and never really get ahead despite studying for 1,000’s of hours.

One day my father came into my office and asked what I was doing. He listened for a while and then said.
“Well.. there is an old saying that says. Where there is money, there is corruption” …. If I were doing this, I would be looking for the corruption.”

He then left. I discounted what he said for a while, after all, every other trader was doing what I was doing, so it had to be right. Right?
But then the overhear conversation with Mr. Minestrone (as I like to call him) came back to me.

The Turning Point

A few days later and more losses under my belt I started to consider things from a different perspective and ask some personal questions.

Why did I believe that the markets were there for any participants personal benefit?

Why did I believe that despite 95% of traders losing money, I would be any different if I was doing the same thing they were? It was a bit of a wake-up call, to say the least.

I then turned the whole thing inside out by making three assumptions.

  • What if the market were not there for my benefit?
  • What if what I was doing, despite others doing the same was wrong?
  • What if the markets were corrupt?

I then went back the market and looked again. It was a long haul, BUT it was bearing consistent fruit. I decided to take that fruit and invest it in some programming that would chart the market according to how I saw it, which was and is…

The market is an ever changing ocean of manipulated beliefs about future price

The operative word here being BELIEFS.

Many years on and many 100,s of 1,000s spent on four different computer programming companies we now have PAT Software.

So what does PAT software do?

PAT looks at the market NOT as a price driven market, but as a BELIEF driven market. Further more it looks at how those beliefs are:

  • Given to traders
  • Taken away from traders
  • Manipulated

By learning to read beliefs you are by default learning how to understand the underlying driving force of every market there is. Once you have learned to read a market like this and then learned how to identify what is going on within yourself, you WILL have achieved trading freedom and consistent success will be your reward.

Learning how to trade with PAT software follows this path

  1. You learn how the software works
  2. You learn how to read beliefs
  3. You learn how to identify changing beliefs
  4. You learn how to identify manipulated beliefs

The final stage is where you move points 1 thru 4 inside your self to the point where trading becomes something that you do not ‘think’ about any more than you reflect on how to open a door and walk through it.

Every trading decision becomes an autonomous reaction. You trade with a SENSE OF KNOWING that provides you with consistent success.

PAT software is a tool to enable you to understand, why and when markets move. You then advance to where you use that skill to achieve consistent trading success.

I look forward to working with soon.


Want to know more - Check out the Training Course

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