DataFeed Price Delay

This is not a delay.

You see a price on IG (or  any dealing platform) of 100 PAT only shows a price of 98, 5 mins later pat shows 100 and this looks like a delay.What is happening is that FOREX is quoted from banks all around the world.
This means, unlike an EXCHANGE where the price is quoted from that one central point forex may be quoted from 50 worldwide banks, SOME of these banks MAY quote the 100 price that you see on IG but other may not. It depends on THAT Millisecond what price gets transmitted.

If pat had a feed from just IG then EVERY price would match EXACTLY.

PAT uses what is know as a composite  feed, this is NOT the normal way of doing things. (But then PAT is not "normal") A composite feed means you take X number of banks and look at them all for a high and low of what they are offering. The final price that you see in PAT will normally be matching what your brokers is saying, if it is not then your broker as "left the PACK so to speak" albeit most probably for only seconds.

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