PAT not updating to the latest version

The problem is two-fold...

A) You don't have the newest version of the vcPat.dll file.
B) The second problem is the cause of the first problem... why don't you have an up-to-date PAT version?

Normally, when PAT is started, it automatically checks the server for newer versions and download these newer versions when available. You need not to do anything to get the latest versions... it's completely automatic.
For some reason, on your computer the automatic update facility of PAT is not working. PAT is blocked in some way and therefore can't download or can't store the new versions it finds on the server.
You might consider switching of all security software (firewall, virus scanner and the UAC (on Vista only)) for a short while, then start PAT, and see if it now downloads any updates. If that is the case, you have switch on the security again, one at a time, in order to find out who's the culprit. Once you know who's blocking PAT, you must configure that component so that PAT is allowed to access the Internet and download files.
If you use Windows/Vista, you may also try changing the properties of vcPAT2007.exe, to run it as Administrator. This gives the program some extra rights, maybe solving the problem.

Here is a link that explains about the UAC

 Temporary switch of the security (UAC)

- start PAT to do the updates

- when done, stop PAT

- switch on UAC again.

This should do the trick.

It can also be a straight firewall issue, ie PAT is not allowed through your firewall.

Here is a solution to that

 Please let me know if this solved your problem.