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  • This book and method has been responsible for changing the fortunes of 1,000s of traders
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Martin has been successfully trading financial markets for circa twenty  years. Even as far back as 1999, he was featured in FOW Magazine  displaying remarkable results.

Of course, being featured in a magazine is not that important, but what  was reported about Martins trading certainly was.  Martin had discovered  a way to predict market moves better than eight times out of ten. A remarkable feat by any standards.

In this free trading book by Martin you will discover some trading ‘truths’ that may well prove invaluable for you.

“You already know how profitable trading is when you get it right and now is your chance to Nail it!”

Rave reviews from readers

(Note* These reviews are from my book on Amazon – link at the bottom of the page)


The  amateur, do-it-yourself traders are the real profit generators!! We  make profits for THEM!! Meanwhile we (myself included) are constantly  losing money.

I always find myself saying “wow, I keep doing  exactly the wrong thing at exactly the worst time”… As the price  drifts ever closer to my stop-loss. Does this sound familiar? Well,  there’s a reason for this and there are many of us. We are the ignorant  95% of traders. We keep doing the wrong thing at the wrong time… But  this is now our greatest strength!

We are predictable thus the  market makers are predictable. This is what Martin is saying. I watched a  few of his YouTube videos and instantly began to see the markets in a  new, bigger, better, looser, more human way. This book goes more in  depth, of course; but the videos were a great intro.

Price bars,  and the patterns they make used to be “all important” to me; in fact  their patterns were the ONLY things that were ever important… But not  any more: Form & Content…. Know the difference.

This book  points out a very important point in trading: know your opponent’s  strategy first before you plan your own strategy to counter.  I have  been studying the market and paper trading for a while.  I have taken a  lot of technical analysis courses.  But so far I am not convinced that  the markets are natural or mechanical systems that the price movements  follow some natural laws like Fibonacci, Pitch and Fork or Eliot Waves.   This book points out that the price movements are the results of human  manipulations or interventions. Chart patterns are the forms but not the  content.  By looking at the price actions on charts in many financial  markets and listening to the description of this book and free You Tube  videos by Martin, I am convinced that the price movements we see in  charts are the foot prints of these manipulations.

I loved  this book! Although I am not new to investing, I am new a learning how  to invest. Learning the tools and most importantly learning about  yourself and how your habits and subconscious effect the outcome is  immeasurable. Mr Cole’s book is not as much about yourself as it is  about the Market Maker’s Business Model, but I found it to be equally  powerful. I have spent a lot of hours learning some of the technical  skills that goes along with trading and I am happy I did, but without  the information Mr. Cole provides on the insights of the Market Maker, I  believe the technical skills alone would be like trading blind. Knowing  the technical skills is what the Market Maker is counting on and is  enlarge how the market uses it against the trader. This information  changes everything in what I thought trading the market was. Some  reviewers have had a negative reaction to finding a spot in the book  where Mr. Cole mentions his website and tools to further your learning  and encouraging the purchaser of this book to write a review.  Personally, I have no problem in doing so. If my honest remarks help Mr.  Cole in some way, I am glad to have helped. I feel tons more confident  in my methods of trading thanks to him. Life really is about giving in  some way. I hope I have given back a little here.

I had  already begun paper trading currencies using the trading philosophy  first taught (apparently) by Martin Cole when I found this e-book.  I  had watched his training videos on YouTube and had entered a educational  institute in the US which teaches a similar trading strategy  (fx365i.com).  I recommend this book as a more concise and very  effective alternative to his lectures.  My only prior experience with  trading had been as a technical commodities trader in the mid-nineties,  before online trading, of course.  I was skeptical about his belief that  the markets are so thoroughly manipulated by the major players.  After  several months, however, I can say that I can successfully trade the  Forex (short-term) by reading and following the Market Maker Methods.   The trades don’t come as often as I might like – more like trend trading  – and learning to bail out of bad trades early has been an important  part of becoming successful, but it is much simpler than technical OR  fundamental analysis, and can be learned relatively easily and quickly.

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