The history behind this book (Now Available in Paperback

A chance meeting or was the universe just delivering that which I was searching for?
I was in a crowded cafe at lunchtime enjoying some minestrone, and while pondering the elements that made it so good, my table shot to the left and the soup exited on the right. The culprit, an expensive suit apologized and ordered me another.

I tried to make polite conversation but sitting down with his colleague; he made it clear that conversation was not on the cards.
I admit I was eavesdropping; I had to, they were talking about the markets and trading was currently not going well for me.
I was just about to try my luck at gleaning some information when one suit said to the other.

“OK, so the deal is this, you do not act today in one, you assist if needed, and that’s all. Blue will be setting up from 2-3:30 news at 2.30 you step in at about 46 and pick up the stragglers, OK?”
“Yes, got it” the other suit replied, “Now lunch and no more work talk.”

They drifted off into talking about boats and my courage to interrupt faded.

Soup finished I decided to go and see the London Stock Exchange building before heading back home. I got lost on the way but eventually, I was standing in front of the building when I heard a familiar voice, I turned to see Mr. Minestrone, as I now like to call him. He looked dead at me with a twisted expression, which then turned to what I can only describe as a glare as he brushed past. He looked again over his shoulder as he entered the LSE building.

That was the last I ever saw of Mr. Minestrone, and although I did not realize it at the time, he was to be the most influential person I ever met regarding trading the markets. However, it would be several more years before the overheard words of Mr. Minestrone would change my life forever.

A word of warning! What you are about to read is going to shock you possibly, and for certain, many of your currently held beliefs about how markets work are going to be left in tatters. You are about to discover the real market, a market that few traders ever get to understand and I estimate less than 1% of the general public have a notion of.
Untruths, corruption, misdirection, and manipulation are the contents of the great murder mysteries novels. The financial markets contain the same ingredients.

This book is written for the traders who have tried all the systems, the patterns, the indicators, the strategies, listened to the gurus on expensive courses and spent the usual $97.00 for the rehashed trading secrets only to be once again disappointed.

This book is for the trader who has reached the point where they know something is wrong with the way trading is presented and are ready to get off the merry go round of madness. The trader who is ready to start developing a solid trading future based on the market makers business model.


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