Martin Cole

Professional Trader since the 1990’s

Brief Personal History

I have been successfully trading financial markets for circa twenty years. Even as far back as 1999 I was featured in FOW Magazine (see images)

Of course being featured in a magazine is not that important, but what was reported about me certainly was. You see, even as far back as 1999 I had discovered a way to predict market moves ‘better than eight times out of ten’ Yes that is what the researcher reported and wrote in the magazine and believe me things have moved on a lot from those early years. (I have lot less hair now)

A few years later I bought a house in Spain and went to retire in the sunshine. The reality was, of course, that at age less than 40 years that was never going to be a lasting decision.

It was about this time I was mentioned in a Sunday Times Article, and as a result of this, I was contacted by traders to see if I would consider training them to do what I had done.

I set up a live trading room in Spain with a satellite data feed streaming in and away we went. Traders came from all over the world to watch me live trade the markets. My averages were pretty good as well. Out of ten courses, I would make money on seven, break even on two and lose on one.

It was strange, but it always seemed like the attendees learned more on the break even and losing courses than they did on the great successes.

My experience grew as a trader trainer, and I could see first hand what was working and what was not. The traders I struggled with were what I call 100% paternized traders. These traders could not get their mind past the price bar they saw on the screen. To them, this was the only reality of the market.

Gradually I discovered a way to lead a trader past this sticking point and to get them to understand that every price move was dependent upon someone developing a belief about future price. Without this belief, a trader would not be able to place a trade. This was a watershed moment for many traders as they realized that it was BELIEF that was at the back of every trading decision.

Today I now train traders to trade beliefs, to look at markets not from the form or shape they take on the screen, but from what is behind that screen developing in the minds of market participants.


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