Traders will often sit at screens as if they were sitting at traffic lights. The lights turn green, and they drive forward. At the trading screen, however, it’s often very different.
Often the trader will have all the indications to take a trade but will be unable to act. Why is this? Well, it’s not too difficult to work out if you remove yourself from the trading environment for a moment and mentally place yourself in a situation that is similar regarding mental function.

In my trading course, I explain this fully, but we can get the gist of it here and now. Imagine you want to cross the road/highway. You will be unable to step off the curb until your brain tells you that you can make it across without injury. Imagine now if you were standing on the same road but now you are wearing blinkers, and your vision is severely restricted. I’m sure you’ll now realize how this would feel not being able to clearly see if traffic is coming.

Most traders are like the person wearing the blinkers. The blinkers are in effect restricting the full understanding of the market that would allow the trader to fully seen and experience what was coming

Learning to trade the market makers method is in effect learning to cross the road without the hazard of wearing blinkers.

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